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About the blog

I’ve run a blog for professional purposes for a number of years, but I’ve wanted to write about much that is not relevant there.

Satisfaction is to be found from assuming responsibility for one’s life, not shirking it, of thinking about what one truly values, not living by default – which in any case is mere existence. That means making considered decisions, bucking the trends when necessary, and hopefully learning from both one’s mistakes and accumulating experience.

I don’t think it’s selfish to treat oneself kindly, so long as others do not bear the cost… I found out the hard way what happens when one doesn’t.  Society works best when built from the bottom up – individually well-lived lives add up to a contented society.

Sprezzatura is not just about clothes, though as Michael Bywater once said, dressing well is a civility to others; I think we can extend the notion, while taking satisfaction from the personal growth that comes with it. 

This blog is simply about sharing good things, times, thoughts and experiences.  And occasionally getting on the soapbox about the things that could be better.

I.J. Stock, Essex U.K., July 2017.