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Gallery in the Lanes, Norwich


While walking through my old haunts in Norwich a couple of months ago, my wife and I discovered a new opening: The Gallery in the Lanes. Newly-opened and pristine-looking, it is something of a Tardis, with a much larger interior than one might expect.

We immediately liked the window display and decided to investigate. Inside, we found a range of wall art, ceramics, jewellery and more. In particular, we admired the ceramic work of Richard Baxter, whom, it turns out works from a studio in Leigh-on-Sea, not a million miles south from where we live. We looked at each other; it was one of those occasional moments that results in a no-dispute impulse buy. We walked on it, but did return later in the day to acquire the bowl shown above.

Baxter works in Limoges porcelain, which allows him to produce beautifully fine pieces, and we like his palette of bold and vivid colours too.

The gallery does sell online and also operates the Own Art interest-free credit scheme, but if you are within reach of Norwich, it is well worth browsing at first hand Both artist and gallery (with enthusiastic, approachable staff) highly recommended.

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