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Cool for Cats – 1


The little character shown below was a bit of an impulse arrival, being a local rescue cat, and he has been excellent ‘therapy’ during my period of convalescence.


We’d discussed having a cat many times before, but always put the decision off. Cats, interior design and model-making don’t really go together. And we weren’t sure how he would cope with the ‘pipes either. (More on that another time…)

Anyway, he arrived in early February and is a delight. But we were keen not to fill the house with fluffy pet tat, as seems the norm. The usual internet search revealed plenty of nicely designed pet furniture – but most of it is in the States or mainland Europe and much is not available in the U.K. What does our choice of pet accoutrements say about our national character, I wonder?

Eventually we were able to track down some essential items that have if nothing else not detracted from their surroundings. This piece in question is a cat cave and comes from Meyou in Paris. Not cheap, but we decided to bite the bullet on this one, and it is certainly an attractive, tactile item. But despite ‘encouragement’ Notley refused to go near it for several months, until one day my wife discovered him curled up asleep inside, and the cave now receives regular use. Which just goes to show that you can take the cave to the cat but…

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